What We Do

Public Affairs

Our knowledge of the workings and personalities of Northern Ireland, UK, Republic of Ireland and US Government is extensive. We use this experience to design and deliver results-driven public affairs campaigns and strategies for clients across a wide range of sectors.

Stakeholder’s Public Affairs services include:

  • Government relations
  • In-depth audit of Government and sectoral stakeholders
  • Public affairs strategy development and implementation
  • Producing policy and issue-based research
  • Development and drafting of policy consultation responses
  • Advice on legislative and regulatory development
  • Community relations and consultation.


Case study: Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce – 5 Leaders, 5 Days

5 Leaders, 5 Days was an unprecedented series of events which saw the leaders of each of the five main political parties launch their economic policies for the 2011 Assembly elections to an audience of senior business people and NI Chamber of Commerce members in Belfast. The series placed the NI Chamber of Commerce at the centre of the election debate on jobs and the economy and ensured that much of the media commentary on that issue was hooked in or around NI Chamber events.

5 Leaders, 5 Days ensured the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce led the business and economy debate during the election. To help do this leading businesses were identified to support each event by providing a location.

The outcome of the project was widespread coverage in the media on the island of Ireland which reinforced the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce’s position as the premier business representative organisation in the region.