The Ferrari Owners’ Clubs of Ireland and Scotland will meet for the first time in Belfast on Saturday (12th May, 9am – 12pm) for a special Ferrari event on the world’s most famous slipway.  Over 20 Ferraris will be on show for the general public to enjoy. The event, hosted by the Irish Owners Club and Charles Hurst Specialist Cars, will see Ferrari owners take a special tour of Titanic Belfast and use the opportunity to showcase a range of classic and modern Ferrari cars on the slipways where Titanic was built before setting sail on her maiden voyage in 1912.

This event will be the first time that Ferrari Owners Clubs from Scotland and Ireland have worked together, and is part of a weekend-long programme of events. Alan Tyndall, Irish Ferrari Owners’ Club Coordinator, said: “The sight of more than twenty Ferraris in front of Titanic Belfast will be an image that will be beamed across the world.  We are grateful to Titanic Belfast for allowing us to stage this unique picture opportunity. “I am delighted to welcome our Scottish Ferrari friends to Ireland, and we will be combining with them to create this unique image.”

Kevin Rogan, of Charles Hurst Specialist Cars, added: “Together with the Irish Owners Club, we have been working hard to ensure we show the Scottish Owners the most iconic sites of Northern Ireland.“We’re looking forward to what’s set to be a fantastic event for the Ferrari Owner’s Clubs at Titanic Belfast – the building and slipways will provide a spectacular backdrop for this special Ferrari Owners’ Club event.” The event will see a range of Ferrari models put on display on the Titanic Slipways behind the new Titanic Belfast building. More than 20 cars will be on show, including the recently launched Ferrari FF, the Ferrari F40, Ferrari 430 Spider, Ferrari Testa Rossa and many more.