Robert Ballard H&W Drawing Office 3Titanic Explorer Will Mark Titanic’s Centenary in Belfast Dr Robert Ballard, the oceanographer who discovered RMS Titanic in 1985, is returning to the ship’s birthplace in Belfast, Northern Ireland, to take part in a number of commemorative events marking the centenary of the ship’s sinking (April 14th / 15th). Among the events will be a memorial lecture in Titanic Belfast this Saturday (6pm) and Sunday services at the Titanic Memorial Garden, Belfast City Hall, and St. Anne’s Cathedral. During his visit Dr. Ballard will also be taking part in a memorial event at Titanic Belfast on Saturday night at 11pm. The event will include ‘Water Night’, a sound and visual installation produced by Grammy-winner Eric Whitacre, which receives its world premier at 11.40pm, the time Titanic struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic 100 years ago. Titanic sank at 2.20am the following day (April 15th). Tim Husbands, Titanic Belfast’s CEO, said: “Titanic’s story is one of celebration and commemoration for Belfast; the two elements will always be intertwined. Over the past fortnight we’ve celebrated those who built and designed RMS Titanic, and who made Belfast one of the Industrial Revolution’s most dynamic cities. We’ve also celebrated the opening of Titanic Belfast as a stunning new addition for the City’s skyline and its future. “Now, however, our focus is very much on reflection and commemoration. Titanic was an engineering spectacle, but she is also the final resting place for over 1,500 souls. Over the past few years and weeks we’ve had the privilege to work with and meet descendants of those who worked on Titanic, and those who survived and perished. This is their time. “Titanic Belfast has also worked closely with Dr. Robert Ballard who has a remarkable passion for Titanic and her legacy. We’re delighted that he will be back in Titanic’s birthplace for what will be a very poignant weekend for Belfast.” Dr. Ballard’s hour-long Memorial Lecture on Saturday will take place in the Titanic Suite in Titanic Belfast, overlooking the slipways were RMS Titanic was launched in 1911. On Sunday morning at 11.30am, Dr Ballard will also be providing a talk entitled ‘Into the Deep’, an opportunity for families and young people to meet one of the world’s greatest oceanographers as he discusses marine science and his sea bed discoveries, which include not only Titanic, but the German battleship, Bismarck and numerous other wrecks. During his last visit to Belfast in November last year, Dr. Ballard said: “Titanic belongs to Belfast. I’m very pleased that the city which gave Titanic to the world will now be able to welcome the world to Titanic Belfast. Titanic’s story is infused with romance, pathos and glory, and there’s no better place to tell it than Belfast. “Discovering Titanic was the culmination of 12-years of work and it was the scientific challenge of visiting and filming her which initially drew me to the task. However, finding the Titanic also appealed to me romantically, and the more time I spent studying her story the more I fell under her spell.” This weekend will also be his first opportunity to visit Titanic Belfast and its Ocean Exploration Centre which includes unique underwater footage of Titanic’s wreck taken by Dr. Ballard. ‘Into the Deep’ and Eric Whitacre’s ‘Water Night’ are free events, but tickets must be booked in advance. Tickets for Dr. Ballard’s lecture (£13) must also be pre-booked online at or by phone at 028 9024 6609.

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